Lightweight Debris Cap

The Djuvik Lightweight Debris Cap is used to protect the subsea wellhead or "Christmas tree" H4 connector.

The Djuvik LWDC functions as both a cap to prevent debris entering the wellhead and XMT and as a preservation cap to prevent degradation/corrosion of the connector. If the Lightweight Debris Cap is installed on a new type XMT (with TH and 2 plugs and no Internal Tree Cap), the Djuvik LWDC has a secondary function of locking down the TH during the production of the well.

The Djuvik Lightweight Debris Cap is constructed using PA6 Nylon. The main advantage of this is that it will expand the lifespan of both the Debris Cap and the connector. Due to the difference in materials, the LWDC will never damage the connector. Likewise, the Djuvik Lightweight Debris Cap will never be affected by corrosion. 

Advantages at a glance:

• Negligible conductivity - no corrosion 
• 15-20 kg submerged - easy ROV handling 
• 150 kg in air
• Simple and fast installation
• The material will not damage the connector
• Field-proven
• Can be filled with preservation fluids to prevent corrosion of H4 connector