About us

Djuvik is an international supplier of high-quality engineered polymer-based products, especially targeted towards the offshore energy industry. From clamps and bend restrictors to debris caps and protectors – our comprehensive and innovative product portfolio is tailored to meet the needs and demands of our customers.


Djuvik was established in 1993 and has produced HSE friendly polymer products for the offshore industry since 1998. Over this time we have gathered valuable knowledge within the fields of the offshore industry, and today we possess world-leading competence and technology. These years of experience supplying technical polymer solutions in some of the harshest offshore environments in the world have ensured us about the quality of our products.

Our first WOR-clamps were produced in 2004 and has since been accompanied by a line of newer models. We work constantly to drive development and we are proud to always be one step ahead. In a climate where time is money, we offer reliability. We make sure that you, our customer, receive your wares on time.  We also put a great deal of effort into making sure that every HSE-demand is met and that our customers can rely on our products.

We have high expectations of ourselves, and are registered with, and approved by Achilles Norway, and are currently certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

30 years of Djuvik

In 1993 Jan Harald and Bjørn Idar Djuvik started their business in Sauda, a small town in western Norway.
They started with only a few different machines and three employees working with aluminum, to now having over 15 CNC machines and 30+ employees working mainly with various types of Polymer.

Djuvik’s most popular products are the Drill Pipe Clamps and all the variations of it. Other products like Cased Wear Joints, Riser Sealing Mandrels, and Debris Caps are also becoming more requested.

In 2012 they expanded the business and got more international.
Our customers now range from companies in South America to Oceania and the Djuvik products are shipping worldwide.

Through the years, Djuvik has been a tolerant place to let teens try regular working life and has helped more than 20 people get different kinds of certificates of apprenticeship.

Here at Djuvik, we continue to improve our core products and create new industry-leading technology.