Cased Wear Joint & Riser Sealing Mandrel

Protects the umbilical and landing string when running through rotary and during heave compensation


The CWJ completely encloses the umbilical and pipe. This enclosure protects the critical umbilical against wear and absorbers any shock loads. It also clamps the umbilical firmly onto the pipe.

The CWJ typically stretches over a length of 10m/30 ft, thus protecting a complete pipe length.

The design of the RSM is very similar to the CWJ, however it has an additional sealing feature protecting the drill floor from hydrocarbons coming up as a result from a disconnection. The RSM replaces a conventional slick joint in the system.

The diverter bag can be closed onto the RSM, and a labyrinth seal within the RSM vastly reduces the leakage rate onto the drill floor. The leakage rate of the RSM has been measured and tested.

Please note that the RSM is not to be considered a barrier towards the reservoir. Main purpose is to reduce the leakage rate to an acceptable level.

Both the CWJ & RSM are made of polyethylene which has a density of 0,95kg/litre. They will therefore float in water and mud, avoiding any fishing operations.


Key features for both CWJ/RSM
  • Field proven (20+ deliveries)
  • Lightweight
  • Can be adapted to multiple umbilicals
  • Built up by 300mm (approx. 1ft.) interlocked sections
  • Custom made for pipe and umbilical dimension
  • Fast installation and handling
  • Low friction
  • No steel parts
  • No corrosion
  • Great impact properties