Buoyant Drill Pipe Clamp


• Buoyant in seawater
• 100% homogeneous
• Lightweight, ranging from 7 to 12 kg depending on the configuration
• Simple and fast installation
• The conical shape provides good guiding
• Can be made to handle multiple umbilicals
• Can be adapted to all umbilical sizes
• Can be adapted to all drill pipe and casing sizes


• No loose parts, minimizing the risk for fishing operations
• Designed to prevent clamp from hanging
• Cost-efficient – reduces rig-time by fast and easy installation


• Polyethylene (PE) plastics
• Low friction
• Does not absorb water


• Clamp umbilicals and service lines to drillpipes
• Used in-riserPolyethylene (PE) plastics
• Low friction
• Does not absorb water