Light Cover Debris Cap


  • Designed for ROV handling
  • Tailored solutions for preservation fluid and tablets
  • Made to fit H4 connector
  • 6-10 kg submerged
  • 40-60 kg in air
  • Available in multiple configurations


  • No loose parts
  • No steel parts
  • Simple and fast installation
  • The material will not damage the H4 connector
  • Saved rig hours and emissions
  • Can be filled with preservation fluids or installed with preservation tablets to prevent corrosion of the H4 connector


Polyamide 6 (PA6, Nylon)

  • Wear-resistant
  • High strength, high rigidity
  • Age resistant, even when introduced to high temperatures over time
  • Very good noise and vibration absorption


For shorter-term conservation and protection and situations where the long-term conservation made possible using the Djuvik LWDC are not required.

The Light Cover Debris Cap prevents debris from entering the wellhead, as well as preventing degradation and corrosion of the connector.

Weighing in around 6-10 kg submerged, the cap is easily operated by ROV. This gives the customer the possibility to perform installation and removal without having the rig or vessel in position above the wellhead, thus contributing to saving rig hours and emissions.

Whether you use liquid or solid form corrosion inhibitors or have a well with ITC, we are able to tailor the caps to suit your specific needs. Also suitable for introducing solid citric acid or oxygen suppressors into the well. The cap is modular, and several centerpieces are available depending on use. It is also possible to shield off the well giving you a limited volume to consider during cleaning or preservation.