Lightweight Debris Cap


  • Designed for ROV handling
  • Tailored solutions for preservation fluids and tablets
  • Made to fit H4 connector
  • Optional internal support ring for HXT with hybrid TH or on a WH
  • Pressure relief system
  • 15-20 kg submerged
  • 150 kg in air


  • Negligible conductivity – no corrosion
  • Simple and fast installation
  • The material will not damage the connector
  • Can be filled with preservation fluids or installed with preservation tablets to prevent corrosion of the H4 connector


Locking handles: Super Duplex

O-rings: Nitrile and Neoprene

All other parts: Polyamide 6 and Polyethylene


The Djuvik Lightweight Debris Cap is used to protect the subsea wellhead and connector.

The LWDC functions as both a cap to prevent debris from entering the wellhead and XMT, and as a preservation cap to prevent degradation and corrosion of the H4 connector. If the LWDC is installed on a new type XMT (with TH and 2 plugs and no Internal Tree Cap), the LWDC has a secondary function of locking down the TH during the production of the well.