Power Slips Bushing


  • Can be made with inner diameter suited to customer needs
  • Low weight; bushing for PS-30 slip with inner diameter 18,5″ weighs 110 kg
  • Integrated locking mechanism locks the bushing in place and prevents both rotation and vertical movement


The Djuvik Power Slip Bushing decreases risks when running vital equipment like wear bushings, full bore tools, or hangers through the power slips. It eliminates the need to remove the slips assembly or the entire slips, thus saving costly rig time and increasing safety when eliminating the need to handle heavy equipment.


Polyamide 6 (PA6 Nylon)

  • Wear-resistant
  • High strength, high rigidity
  • Age resistant even when introduced to high temperatures over time
  • Very good noise and vibration absorption


Placed as a bushing inside the hydraulic slips to protect vital equipment during operations. The Djuvik Power Slips Bushing creates a smooth running surface and the material is well suited to protect the equipment from any impact damage.